In situ Hybridization

In situ Hybridization

Detection of EBV and integrated HHV-6 genome in a cell line established from a XLP patient with chromosomal integration of HHV-6. Metaphase chromosomes were prepared, and using the RAND hybridization method with two color probes, several copies of EBV and one copy of integrated HHV-6 genome was detected in this cell line (Hector2).

EBV (red) HHV-6 (green)

In situ hybridization PBL

Detection of replicating HHV-6 DNA in peripheral blood lymphocytes by in situ hybridization from a CFS patient

HHV-6 in HSB-I cell line

Detection of HHV-6 genome in a mixture of HSB-2 and HSB-I cell line with ~2% of the cells undergoing viral replication

HSB-F cell line with integrated HHV-6

Detection of HHV-6 DNA in HSB-F cell line (metaphase) which contains in average ten copies of integrated HHV-6 genome.