Human monoclonal antibodies

Bioworld Consulting Laboratories human monoclonal antibody technology uses a unique proprietary method to capture and immortalize natural human antibody producing cells for in vitro production of antigen specific human antibodies. The cell lines produce antibodies into the medium, which can be purified or the immunoglobulin gene can be transferred to other cell lines (CHO or others) for large scale production. The proof of concept has been tested and human monoclonal antibody producing cell lines have been developed against a viral antigen and also against a tumor associated antigen.


human monoclonal antibody production


Our natural human antibodies differ from antibodies made with artificial methods using non-human systems and humanization.The best and most effective antibodies are generated by immunocompetent individuals who have been in the past naturally infected with infectious agents or developed natural antibodies against various antigens. Bioworld Consulting Laboratories developed a unique method to identify individuals who developed antibodies against a target antigen (pathogen, tumor antigen, etc.) and to isolate and immortalize the antibody producing cells. After isolation of antigen specific immortalized B-cells the antibodies can purified from the tissue culture medium or the specific immunoglobulin gene can be transferred to other cell lines (CHO or others) for large scale production.


BCL has also developed a method to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies using blood from normal donors without previous exposure to the antigen. The technology uses a proprietary method to generate an antigen presentation system, which emulates the natural presentation of antigens by the immune system. BCL has initiated proof of principle studies to generate antibodies against specific tumor associated antigens by means of in vitro immunization using proteins and peptides.


Bioworld Consulting Laboratories method for cloning natural human monoclonal antibody producing cells has several advantages:

1.      it does not require isolation and purification of B-cells therefore no loss of antigen specific B-cells occurs, which is associated with other methods.

2.      it produces natural human antibodies, which has been innately produced by the immune system. It can be easily characterized and epitope mapped without recombinant technology for specific therapies.

3.      antibodies against multiple epitopes can be isolated, and combined as multiclonal or polyclonal mixture which might be more effective than a single monoclonal antibody for clinical use

4.      once the donor blood has been obtained, it will take only 6-8 weeks to obtain the monoclonal antibody producing clones compared to traditional methods which might take up to several years.

5.      if blood donors with previous exposure to antigen of the interest cannot be found, in vitro immunization with antigens or peptides can be done to produce human monoclonal antibodies


Key advantages of Bioworld Consulting Laboratories human monoclonal technology:

·        Not affected by patents associated with other technologies

·        Rapid progress from target identification to clinical development using epitope specific antibodies

·        Clones can be selected targeting different epitopes on the same antigen

·        Native human antibodies, therefore unlikely to be immunogenic or induce adverse effects in patients, which generally a problem with humanized antibodies.


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